Autumn Apparel for Men That Transitions Well from Work to Weekend

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Autumn Apparel for Men That Transitions Well from Work to Weekend

Autumn Apparel for Men That Transitions Well from Work to Weekend

16 October 2019
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Fall is a great time to adopt a casual, comfortable vibe, but is this office-appropriate? There are many ways to adapt a weekend style for men in versatile pieces that will work in the office. Give your closet a look and do a little shopping for some basics that will expand your current style options this season.

Some versatile and staple pieces to have in your fall wardrobe include:

Soft Brushed Tees

Stock up on men's ultra-soft flowy tees to layer with all your fall looks and pairings. Wear under sweaters, sports coats, and dress shirts, with your shirt buttoned or not under a jacket. Treat yourself with high-end fabric that will feel soft as butter against your skin and choose a wide palette of colors to bring a bit of life to your work wardrobe.

Button-Down Flannel Shirts

Fall is the time to pull out your flannel shirts, which are fine in both work and leisure settings. Make sure they are not too faded or worn for the office; make fall the time that you invest in a couple of fresh button-down flannels to get you through the cooler seasons ahead. Go with conventional plaids or try something new, like a fresh novelty print.

Fleece Vests

Another great layering piece is a fleece vest. Often times, it is the perfect piece to throw on over a flannel shirt or long-sleeved tee to go out in brisk weather. It also looks great zipped up under a blazer for work.

Driving Mocs

When it comes to footwear, comfort is key; there is nothing as comfortable as a pair of quality leather driving moccasins. Some styles of mocs may be more casual and a shoddy or worn-down pair is never stylish; it could be time to update. Look for natural leathers with minimal adornments or details for a pair that will never go out of style.

Barn Coats

Regardless of where you live, a good barn coat is the perfect fall staple item. It provides protection in rain or wind yet isn't too heavy to be practical in warm temperatures or mild climates. Look for one lined in flannel or with suede trim and collar for a timeless jacket that you can wear anyplace.

Is your wardrobe ready for fall? Consider these comfortable but office-ready pieces to bring you from work to the weekend with ease. Give your current closet a good look and add these items to expand and enhance your usual ensembles and looks.

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