When Buying Dance Leotards, Fabrics Do Make A Difference

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When Buying Dance Leotards, Fabrics Do Make A Difference

When Buying Dance Leotards, Fabrics Do Make A Difference

1 November 2017
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If you are in the market for dance or ballet leotards, you will not only find that there are numerous sizes, lengths, and cuts, but you will also find that they come in several different types of fabrics. While some people prefer one type of fabric or material, others have a preference for another. What are the fabrics you will have to choose from? What are the differences between the fabrics, and do they really matter? While this is a question that only you can answer, here are a few differences that have been pointed out by others purchasing these products. 

Fabrics To Choose From

One of the most important criteria for dance leotards is that they must be able to stretch or move when you move. If they do not move or give freely, you will end up being uncomfortable or constrained during your various routines. The two main quality materials that will give you the results that you are looking for include the following:

  • Lycra/Spandex
  • Cotton

Unfortunately, although these most often form the bases of the materials that the leotards are constructed from, many others that you find on the market are usually a combination of these two in various forms or formulas. While both will stretch and recover well, there are differences between the two. 

Advantages of Lycra/Spandex

One of the most popular synthetic materials that you will find your dance leotards made from is Lycra or Spandex. It is a rubber derivative that is known for its exceptional elasticity. It is very often combined with other materials such as polyester or cotton. It is estimated that as of 2010, approximately 80% of clothing purchased in the U.S. contained this material. 

In dance leotards, Lycra/Spandex has many advantages. It is lightweight and very flexible. It moves when you move without creating embarrassing gaps or binding. Leotards made out of Lycra/Spandex last longer than those made out of cotton by maintaining their original shape much longer. They also tend to be more colorfast, although they will still fade over time. 

Unfortunately, they are not perfect. They too have disadvantages. White synthetic leotards tend to yellow over time and cannot be bleached due to their composition. Lycra/Spandex fabrics create more heat when dancing, and unless they are constructed to be moisture wicking, they are non-absorbent and will leave perspiration on your skin. This can cause you not only to sweat more profusely, but also to become chilled when you are not moving.

Advantages of Cotton

If you are looking a material that is breathable and that will quickly wick moisture from your skin, look no further than cotton, which is a natural material it is considered to be one of the healthiest materials on the market. Because it is breathable, it will help to keep you cooler as you dance by allowing more air to reach your skin. It is also hypoallergenic, which will help you to avoid rashes and other skin irritations that can sometimes be found with synthetic materials. 

Although cotton has many benefits, there are also disadvantages to be found. Leotards made of cotton tend to stretch out quicker than those made of synthetics. This means that you may find that they do not fit as well over time and my need to be replaced quicker than those not made of cotton.

Because cotton absorbs moisture, certain colors may also show sweat stains more predominantly than those that are manufactured from moisture-wicking synthetic materials. Just remember that darker colors do not show sweat as quickly as lighter colors.

Unfortunately, the frequent washing required due to your dance activities may also cause your cotton leotards to fade. This can be minimized by washing them on the delicate cycle with a detergent that is designed to resist fading. But fortunately, if your cotton leotards are faded or beginning to fade, cotton is an easy material to dye. 

Consider purchasing one in each material to see which one your prefer the most. While others can give you their opinion, yours is really the only one that counts. Contact a company like Lea Marie to learn more about your options.

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