Planning Your Outfits For A Weekend Getaway

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Planning Your Outfits For A Weekend Getaway

Planning Your Outfits For A Weekend Getaway

14 June 2017
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If you're headed out-of-town for a weekend getaway, you may be having trouble planning which clothes to take with you. The secret to having the right things in your suitcase is to color coordinate and to bring the right accessories. You may arrive at your destination to find that everything is geared to casual clothes. On the other hand, you might find that you'll be dining in an elegant setting. Here are some tips on planning for whatever comes your way.

Start With The Right Color Choices - Think of the colors you like best and go with those.

  • For example, navy blue is a great summer color and it goes well with many other colors. There's nothing like red, white and blue together, right? Yellow and navy make a strong statement, too.
  • You can have fun with other basic colors like grey, black, khaki or white. Just choose one and stick with it. Picture khaki capris with a crisp red shirt for daytime wear. Now picture those same khaki capris with a black silk tunic and you've got a dressy look.
  • A nautical theme shirt would be great with any color you select to accompany it, especially if it is a solid color. Be careful about mixing prints. However, many nautical shirts go well with polka dots or stripes.
  • Sandals or tennis shoes are a good choice for daytime wear. Choose bright colors to add a bit of drama to your total look. And, don't forget a floppy hat or a cute baseball hat to protect yourself from the sun. 

Now work on your accessories - The right jewelry can set the mood for your outfit.

  • Chunky plastic jewelry in bright colors will be great with your daytime outfits. Think of bangle bracelets and layered necklaces. And, d
  • Don't hesitate to mix metals with that plastic. Anything goes!
  • If you have selected nautical shirts for your trip, you can wear them in different ways. For example, wear one on top of a camisole, but don't button the shirt. Instead, tie it at the bottom and stand the collar up a bit. Now add that casual jewelry and you'll be a stunner.
  • If you discover that you have to dress for dinner or for another occasion, pull out your more elegant jewelry. Whether it's a tunic, a t-shirt or a nautical shirt, pairing it with gold or silver jewelry will immediately give you a dressy look. Don't forget cascade earrings which will give your outfit a dramatic look. And, if you want a very classy and elegant look, add pearls.

Have fun on your weekend getaway. And, don't forget the sunscreen or your camera. Talk to a company like Frank's Big & Tall Men's Shop for more ideas.

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