The Four Different Compression Sock Levels

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The Four Different Compression Sock Levels

The Four Different Compression Sock Levels

25 April 2017
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If your doctor recommends that you wear compression socks, make sure that you ask and find out what level of compression socks you should purchase. Different levels of compression socks are meant to help out with different types of issues.

#1 Mild

The lowest level of compression socks are mild compression socks. These types of compression socks are ones that you can get and use without medical advice or recommendation from your doctor. Mild compression socks are great if you either sit or stands for hours at a time due to your job. These types of socks can help your legs from feeling fatigued from long hours of either sitting or standing, both of which can stress out your legs.

Mild compression socks are also frequently used when one is pregnant and dealing with swollen ankles and feet. They can help combat these common pregnancy side effects.

#2 Moderate

The second level of compression socks are moderate compression socks. These types of socks are great if you suffer from either spider or varicose veins; wearing these types of socks can help prevent you from developing more spider and varicose veins. They are often used during pregnancy to prevent the formation of these types of veins. Moderate compression socks are also used after you have had spider and varicose veins treated to prevent the formation of additional veins following sclerotherapy.

They can also be great when you have a long flight or bus ride and can't move a lot; they will help keep your legs circulating blood as they should.

#3 Firm

The third level of compression socks, firm, are generally recommended by doctors. They can be used to treat more serious issues such as lymphatic edema, ulcers, DVT, orthostatic hypotension, and superficial thrombophlebitis. There is a good chance that if your doctor recommends compression socks, this is what they are taking about, however you should check because the level of compression these socks provide is relatively high.

#4 Extra Firm

Finally, the highest level of compression socks are extra firm compression socks. These provide a really high level and are also used for many of the medical conditions that firm socks are used for.

Mild and moderate compression socks are used for milder conditions and to prevent tired, achy legs. Firm and extra firm compression socks are generally used to treat serious medical conditions. Talk to your doctor about what types of compression socks are right for you. 

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