Are You And Your Spouse Dressing Up For A Special Event?

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Are You And Your Spouse Dressing Up For A Special Event?

Are You And Your Spouse Dressing Up For A Special Event?

15 May 2019
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Have you been invited to a super fancy event? Maybe you have been asked to be in the wedding party of close friends or of extended family members. Whatever the scenario, maybe you're all set with owning your own tuxedo and maybe your wife already has a dress she is excited to wear again. If so, you're going to save some pretty important money, so write that in your blessing book.

On the other hand, perhaps you don't have a tuxedo and your wife doesn't have an appropriate dress to wear to the special event. In that case, from arranging for tuxedo rental to shopping at a vintage clothes store, here are some ideas that might help you.

Tux Rentals - If you foresee having to wear a tuxedo many times in the future, maybe you're considering buying a tuxedo. However, if fancy dress-up events are not in your forecast, have you considered renting your tuxedo? You'll probably find that renting a tuxedo is quite affordable. There will be a variety of tuxedos from which you can make your selection. Besides the basic slacks, vest and tuxedo jacket, you can even rent the cummerbund and the tie.

As you make your selection of accessories that you will wear with the rented tuxedo, consider whether you want to go with a traditional look or with a unique look. If you are going with a traditional look, the cummerbund and tie could beef a neutral color. However, if you want to stand out a bit, think of selecting accessories that will add pizzazz to the look of the tuxedo.

Vintage Clothing - If you and your wife are on a tight budget, she might have some luck at buying a one-of-a-kind dress at a vintage store. The store might have elegant dresses that could have been worn for special events. For example, maybe somebody sold a bridesmaid's dress that was worn in the 1960's or even before that era. Good vintage stores will usually carry only quality, clean merchandise, so it's very likely that your wife will be able to find just what she wants to wear for your special event. 

Think of buying your wife a special piece of jewelry to wear with her dress. Again, shopping for previously worn jewelry might save you some money. Check out resale shops, estate sales and even pawn shops. Think of selecting pearls for a classic look or an Art Deco jewelry for a more unique look. 

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