10 Garments And Accessories That Guys Need On A Cruise

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10 Garments And Accessories That Guys Need On A Cruise

10 Garments And Accessories That Guys Need On A Cruise

30 January 2019
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If you are going on a cruise, pack light but make sure that you bring what you need. When you head for warmer destinations and tropical ports of call, there are a few items and garments that are integral to your trip.

Ten garments and accessories that any guy will need on a cruise ship are:

1. Camp shirts. Camp shirts are perfect for cruising: dressy enough to wear to dinner and comfortable enough to wear on excursions and by the pool. Bring a couple of papyrus print camp shirts to go with your khakis, shorts, and trunks.

2. A straw-hat. A hat is the best way to protect yourself and avoid a nasty sunburn on your face during a cruise. Bring a straw hat, which will be cool and comfortable to wear in hot temperatures. Don't own a straw hat? You will likely be able to find one during your ports of call.

3. White tees. A white cotton tee shirt is comfortable and practical, reflecting the glaring rays of the tropical sun. Pack plenty of white tees before you board.

4. Swim trunks. Naturally, you will want to bring some trunks or shorts that are suitable for swimming, soaking, and lounging. Look for fabrics that are quick-drying.

5. Warm socks. The guest cabins can get chilly. Bring some slippers or socks to trudge around in and feel cozy.

6. Shirt and tie. While you could bring a suit for formal night or Captain's dinners, a shirt and tie will suffice. Don't pair it with jeans or shorts, however, or you could be asked to leave the dining room.

7. Sunglasses. Bring several pairs of inexpensive sunglasses, and make sure that at least one pair is polarized. Polarization will help protect your eyes from tropical UV rays during your vacation.

8. Closed-toe athletic shoes. You will need closed-toe athletic shoes for excursions and outings. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line insists passengers wear closed-toe shoes for many on-board activities, also.

9. A backpack. Bring a bag or backpack to use for carrying loot when you go ashore, as well as for a great place to put dirty laundry for the trip home. Recyclable totes are handy resources during a cruise, and they don't take up much space in your luggage.

10. His fluffy robe. Bring a fluffy robe to sit on the balcony, enjoy a spa treatment, or to wear after a dip in the pool on the Lido. If you are staying in a suite, robes may be provided to you.

Consider using packing cubes inside your suitcase to get the most space out of your bag. Also, look for luggage and bags that have sturdy spinner wheels for the most ease when traveling; these easy-turn wheels make a huge difference when dealing with long days of travel and transfers.

Getting ready for a cruise? When you pack for vacation, make sure that you have these ten items on-board to ensure you are prepared for whatever your trip brings!

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