Finding the Right Camouflage Clothing for Your First Hunting Trip

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Finding the Right Camouflage Clothing for Your First Hunting Trip

Finding the Right Camouflage Clothing for Your First Hunting Trip

16 October 2018
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Being able to blend in with your surroundings is your ticket to a successful hunting expedition. Whether you're aiming for deer, rabbits, or another animal, you want to be as silent and unobtrusive as possible lest you scare off the animal. Blending in is about more than just camouflage clothing, but what you wear definitely affects your overall chances.

Choose the Right Color

While most people think of camo as a combination of brown, green, and tan, there are also blue, all-brown, and other color combinations you can choose. The color you choose has to match your surroundings, so blue camo in a dry, brown grassland wouldn't be very effective. You also need to take the animal's sight into account, too. For example, deer can easily spot blues and greens, so again, that blue wouldn't be very good in a green forest.

Choose the Right Laundry Detergent

This is an odd thing to think about at first, but it's necessary. If you're hunting animals that are sensitive to UV rays and bright colors, watch out for brighteners in your laundry detergent. These can make your clothing appear much brighter, which works when you're trying to impress other humans, but not when you're trying to sneak up on an animal so you can have dinner. This is one time when not having bright clothing is an advantage—except your safety-orange vest, which many animals can't really spot anyway due to how their eyes work.

Choose the Right Style

When you choose your hunting clothing, you want something that protects you in addition to hiding you—and you want something quiet. Rustly button-down shirts aren't very helpful unless you get them in a material that does not make a lot of sounds when you move. Long-sleeve T-shirts are even better in this regard. You could choose a short-sleeve shirt, but that wouldn't help protect your arms from the sun or bugs in the summer.

One more issue is finding the right size. You do not want tight clothing because that will make your long wait for an animal very uncomfortable. Luckily, hunting clothing comes in all sizes. For example, you can find a 3XL long-sleeve, camouflage-print shirt if that's what you need. 

Start with the color of the camo because that is one of the top characteristics that could make an animal stay or flee. Then look at style, and ensure you have good laundry detergent. When you put all that together, you'll have an easier time hiding and waiting for an animal to come along.

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