2 Easy Tips To Help You With Planning Your Modest Wedding

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2 Easy Tips To Help You With Planning Your Modest Wedding

2 Easy Tips To Help You With Planning Your Modest Wedding

19 September 2018
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Do you and your fiancé believe in keeping things a bit more modest and simpler for the wedding that you two are going to have? If you are not into the flashy types of weddings that some people have, you would probably much rather have a reception that is smaller so that there is more of a focus on you and your significant other throughout the night. If you are ready to have the perfect simple wedding of your dreams, you can start planning and getting more prepared for this special day to ensure that the wedding reception turns out the exact way that you want it to.

Find a Modest White Dress

If you have decided that you would like to stick with wearing a traditional white dress, finding a modest alternative to some of the more extravagant dresses out there may be most important to you. If you do not feel comfortable wearing something that shows too much skin, there are plenty of options available that provide more coverage and still look amazing. Spend time looking for a dress that you are going to feel good wearing. A modest white dress typically does not show off nearly as much skin as some of the other dresses out there, especially those without straps and with lower cuts. Start looking for dresses with A-line cuts or scoop necks that have a bit of lace on them because the lace can add hints of sophistication and elegance to the dress.

Keep Things Small and Simple

When you want to have a modest wedding, it is often better to set a limit on the number of people who can come to the reception instead of inviting everyone you know. Rather than inviting hundreds of people, stick with only inviting those who are the absolute closest to you and your fiancé. Having a few dozen people attend the wedding reception will make it so much more intimate and enjoyable because then you will have more of a chance to talk to each person who attends the reception to support you and your new husband or wife.

Not a fan of the flashy weddings and extravagant dresses? If you would much rather prefer something that is more intimate and personal, choose a modest dress and have a smaller wedding where you are only inviting a small number of people. It is a day that is all about you and the one you love, and if you want to keep it simple, you can do just that without letting anyone tell you otherwise.

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