Four Items Women Need In A Summer Closet

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Four Items Women Need In A Summer Closet

Four Items Women Need In A Summer Closet

18 August 2017
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Summer is the time for fun. When the weather is nice, there are few activities that are off-limits meaning that you can do anything you want for fun. Whether you are enjoying a nice vacation from work or school and you plan to have fun during the day, or if you plan to get off work then head back out for fun, you will need the proper wardrobe. Luckily, a good summer wardrobe can consist of much fewer pieces, which will leave money in your pocket for summer activities. Here are four items that you will need to make up a nice summer closet in the summer. 

Off the shoulder shirt

Whether you are headed on a movie date or on a daybreak walk on the beach, you can spice up any outfit with an off the shoulder top. Off shoulder tops work well for women of any size and frame the face and the shoulders perfectly. Throw on an off the shoulder top before your date and carry a light cardigan or wrap if you tend to get cold inside. if you are going off to the beach, wear your off the shoulder top with linen pants or shorts. 

Jeweled sandals

Sandals can keep your feet looking pretty and keep your feet looking cute. Jeweled sandals with padding on the bottom are the perfect shoe to pair with your bikini and wrap to the pool. This way you can look cute on your way to and from a swim. Jeweled sandals pair perfectly with a summer maxi dress to help you show off your night attire. Wearing your cute, bling sandals on your way after a pedicure will dress up your feet even better. 

Cute anklet

Every girl should invest in one cute anklet that perfectly sets off their personality. Anklets count as footwear in the summer, since you will be going shoeless at beaches, parks, and in backyards. You can select anklet made of gold and jewels or a string anklet with pinhole beads, as long as it fits with your personality. Summer is the one season that allows you to show off ankle jewelry without beginning hidden under socks or shoes. 

Statement earrings

In the summer, updos are perfect. Updos get the hair off of your neck, which is necessary for the heat. For this reason, a pair of statement earrings is easier to show off and the perfect way to frame your summer outfits. Get a pair of studs, hoops, and dangles to increase your summer fashion. 

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