Dressing For Summer: 3 Shopping Tips To Choosing The Right Floral Print Dresses For Larger Women

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Dressing For Summer: 3 Shopping Tips To Choosing The Right Floral Print Dresses For Larger Women

Dressing For Summer: 3 Shopping Tips To Choosing The Right Floral Print Dresses For Larger Women

6 June 2017
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Floral print dresses come to mind when looking for the perfect summer dress to wear to an outdoor event. The fun floral patterns on these dresses complement the summer months perfectly, and you can find an assortment of different floral patterns online. You can even find floral print dresses that feature your favorite type of flowers. While you can find floral print dresses at your local boutiques, online shops tend to offer more variety. Women's apparel is one of the most popular shopping products online, as they made up 27% of all online purchases in 2014. If you're a larger woman and looking for the perfect floral print dress, take a look at these 3 tips.

Choose the Color Scheme Carefully

Floral print dresses come in a variety of different colors and patterns, as it's not unusual for the flowers to be made of an assortment of different colors. Choosing the right color scheme can help sculpt your body and hide any unwanted bulges. In general, bright and sunny inspired blooms are usually chosen for concealing unwanted lumps and bumps whereas darker color schemes tend to look more tapered and tailored for a slimmer illusion.

Lean Towards Floral Print Dresses with Smaller Flowers and Floral Patterns

The size of the flowers in the floral pattern can have a huge impact on the final appearance. In general, larger floral patterns look more flattering on petite body sizes, as they seem to add a few pounds to one's silhouette. If you're looking to conceal any problem areas, choose smaller floral patterns with smaller flowers, as they tend to look more solid.

Avoid Dresses that Are Too Wavy or Loose

Don't be too wrapped up on the patterns and the design that you neglect to consider the type of materials and fabric that the floral print dresses are made of. You want to avoid dresses that are made of fabric that is too loose and too light. This type of fabric will easily flow in the wind, and will also easily exaggerate your body shape and size. Look for dresses that are made from heavier and thicker fabric.


The right floral print dress can keep all eyes on you no matter the occasion. Take a look online to see what the various shops have to offer, like Pink Buffalo Boutique. Make sure that you check your measurements with the size guide before you put in your order to ensure that the floral print dresses fit like a glove.

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