Buy Authentic Military Surplus Gear For Your Paintball Hobby

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Buy Authentic Military Surplus Gear For Your Paintball Hobby

Buy Authentic Military Surplus Gear For Your Paintball Hobby

15 May 2017
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If you're taking up the hobby of paintball, it's easy to get focused on exactly what weapon you'll carry. However, it's also vitally important to consider the clothing and accessories that make up your outfit during your paintball outings. While the right gun will help you score points on your adversaries, the right attire will provide other benefits when you're scurrying around the woods. It's ideal to visit a military surplus store to buy what you need. Not only will you be able to find items at competitive prices, but you'll also trust that they'll be sturdy and will stand up to the rigors of your paintball games. Here are some valuable items to buy.

Utility Belt

A utility belt is something that you'll easily find at a military surplus store and that will come in handy for your paintball games. Typically thick and made of canvas, your utility belt will allow you to carry all manners of holsters, pouches, and other accessories on it with ease. And, if you're concerned that carrying many items will make the belt awkward, you can get a suspender-style apparatus to connect to the belt to lighten some of the load.

Military Pants

Regardless of what you wear up top, you'll want military-style pants for your paintball games. Designed to be flexible to allow for plenty of movement, these pants are equipped with multiple pockets to allow you to carry a selection of gear. Spare paintballs, paint grenades, and even a first-aid kit can all easily fit into the cargo-style pockets on your military pants. Being able to carry such a selection of gear can give you the edge over your opponents. For example, whereas someone may be only carrying a limited supply of paintballs, you'll have a larger supply thanks to your pants.

Military Boots

Military boots are another valuable addition to your paintball ensemble. They provide a valuable combination of ankle support, durability, and protection. Their waterproof nature means that you won't be stuck with wet feet if you run through mud or puddles, while their thick outer layer can protect your body from welts from being shot. Additionally, you can easily find military boots to suit the terrain in which you'll be playing. If you typically play in a sandy environment, tan desert-style boots will provide a degree of camouflage. If you play in the deep woods, green and brown boots will be ideal.

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